The NCRCRD periodically sponsors or facilitates webinars to help connect rural development researchers and Extension professionals with each other and with stakeholder groups. The NCRCRD-sponsored webinars are free. All webinars are scheduled for Eastern Time.

Upcoming Webinars


Webinar: All of US Research Program: The Future of Health Starts With YOU

Date: December 9, 3 PM-4 PM (ET)

As the All of Us population grows, we believe our diverse dataset will open doors for research into genetics for both common health conditions and rare diseases. Join us to learn more about how to be a part of health research that gives back to you.


  • Mae Sandberg, Outreach and Engagement Manager, All of Us

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Webinar: The Impacts of Flooding and Business Activity and Employment: A Spatial Perspective on Small Business

Date: January 20, 2 PM-3 PM (ET)

Severe flooding events often cause significant damage to an area, including affecting the local economy, disrupting transportation, and damaging infrastructure. While raw statistics offer some understanding of crop and property-related damages, resulting from large-scale floods, we also need to consider the longer-term impacts and recovery within an area and the interaction between adjacent areas during the recovery process. In this paper, we examine the impacts of major and minor flood events on business employment and the number of establishments in different sectors of the economy. We find that while flood events had a negative short-run impact on agriculture and particularly small farm establishments, we find positive impacts in the service sector. We also identify significant spatial spillovers.


  • Mark Skidmore, Professor, Michigan State University

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Webinar: Retaining Rural Businesses through Conversions to Employee Cooperatives

Date: February 22, 2 PM-3 PM (ET)

A two-state initiative in 2020 created awareness and curriculum about converting businesses to employee owned cooperatives as a route to rural business retention. There are fewer than 7,500 employee-owned companies in the U.S. (out of millions of employer firms). While most of these are Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), worker cooperatives are a more viable and practical option for businesses with fewer than 100 employees. The project was funded by NCRCRD and led by the University of Minnesota Extension and the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives as well as Cooperative Development Services in Minnesota.


  • Michael Darger, University of Minnesota Extension
  • Courtney Berner, University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
  • Kevin Edberg, Cooperative Development Services

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Webinar: Remaining Land-Grant Fierce While Accepting the Land-Grab Truth of Our Foundation

Date: April 20, 3 PM-4:30 PM (ET)

Land-grant universities (LGUs) have been providing affordable access to a quality higher education experience for over 150 years. However, these same institutions were founded from the sale of lands taken from Tribal Nations, typically through broken treaties or brute force. We will discuss a variety of initiatives being undertaken by LGUs as they grapple with these contrasting circumstances.

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  • Stephen M. Gavazzi, Ph.D. Professor, Human Development & Family Science, Land-Grant Fierce Professor at The Ohio State University

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Previous Webinars

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