Identifying North Central Region's Priorities

In the wake of multiple chronic challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, rural communities and small towns across the United States are beginning to build back from the associated impacts on their economies, workforces, and communities. These recovery efforts pose critical questions of where and how to invest. To identify where stakeholders engaged in rural development see the greatest need, and the greatest opportunity, the NCRCRD and the three other Regional Rural Development Centers (RRDC) embarked on a process to collect feedback through a year-long initiative which began in the  fall of 2021.

The RRDCs used a two-step process to collect the feedback. The first step surveyed key rural development implementers and other stakeholders to provide baseline feedback. In the second step, the RRDCs hosted a series of facilitated listening sessions with invited stakeholders aimed at diving deeper into survey findings and identifying long-range strategies on key priorities.

Survey and Listening Session Results

The following links and slide presentation detail the findings that will define our region’s rural development priorities moving forward. This feedback has been shared with USDA NIFA and other federal partners as stakeholder feedback.

Regional and National Results

Listening Sessions Homepage – Shares multiple views of the data collected through reports, infographics, and maps.

Listening Sessions Dashboard – Provides interactive dashboard to explore findings by region and topic.


Slide Presentation of the North Central Region's Listening SessionNorth Central Region’s Listening Session Slide Presentation

Details the responses collected during North Central Region’s listening session.

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