Name Title University
David Civittolo Associate Professor and Interim Assistant Director, Community Development Ohio State University
Mary Emory Director, Rural Prosperity Nebraska University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lynette Flage Associate Director, NDSU Extension North Dakota State University
Josh Gunn Associate Director of the Community, Food & Environment Institute, MSU Extension Michigan State University
Brandon Hofstedt Community Development Economic Development Program Manager University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dave Ivan Community, Food & Environment Institute Director - MSU Extension Michigan State University
Benoy Jacob Director of the Community Development Institute University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steve Jeanetta Associate Dean, Center for Community Vitality University of Minnesota
Carrie Johnson Associate Professor-Assistant Director, Extension F&CW North Dakota State University
Deborah Kohl Program Leader Coordinator, Community Vitality State Specialist Kansas State University
Maria Marshall Director, North Central Regional Center for Rural Development NCRCRD, Purdue University
Yvonne Matthews Lincoln University Cooperative Extension Associate Administrator, State Specialist, Family Consumer Science Lincoln University Missouri
Stacey McCullough Director-Community, Professional & Economic Development University of Arkansas System
Jaime Menon State Program Leader for Community Vitality, Kansas Community Empowerment Co-Coordinator Kansas State University
Erin Olson-Douglas Associate Dean, Communities - Extension, College of Design Iowa State University
Peggy Schlechter Community Vitality Program Manager South Dakota State University
Anne Silvis Assistant Dean and Program Leader, Community and Economic Development University of Illinois Extension
Amber Twitty CED Extension Educator Southern Ohio Central State University
Michael Wilcox Assistant Director and Program Leader for Community Development Purdue University
Claire Wolff Sr. Director Program/Project Ops, Community and Economic Development University of Missouri