Webinar: Using Q Methodology to Measure Rural Entrepreneurial Perceptions & An Overview of Homegrown: Entrepreneurship in Your Community

Date: September 16 from 2pm-3:00pm (ET)

Entrepreneurship is necessary for the economic growth of rural communities, but entrepreneurial activities can be shaped by the different perceptions that community stakeholders hold. To explore such diverse perceptions, Q methodology allows for the emergence of various patterns through participants’ use of a topic-based tool and a sorting process. Three studies using this method will be highlighted during the webinar.

Homegrown is a program focused on building and strengthening your local entrepreneurial network. Homegrown can be tailored to community members or professionals with a shared interest in learning about entrepreneurship. We’ll review program content which include the basics of why entrepreneurship is a good economic development strategy, a description of the local business community, identifying the local entrepreneurial network, and sharing from guest entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss the experience and outcomes from pilots of this new program as well as future directions with youth audiences.

Dr. Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen, Assistant Professor, Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Tessa Conroy, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison